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Fraud Recovery

Data breaches continue to be a key enabler of fraud. Personal and financial information obtained in a breach can be used to commit frauds affecting individuals, the private and public sectors alike. By harvesting personal and financial information through data breaches, criminals are able to commit fraud and damage people, businesses and services.

Anto Money Laundering Schemes

Money laundering has the potential to threaten the national security of any nation's national prosperity and international reputation. The critical importance of the financial sector to the world’s economy means that money laundering, particularly high-end money laundering (the laundering of large amounts of illicit funds through the financial and professional services sectors) can threaten the any nation's security and prosperity, and undermine the integrity of the world financial system and international reputation. We are focused on tackling illicit finances derived from criminal activity at home and abroad.

Bribery, corruption and sanctions evasion

Bribery, corruption and the evasion of financial sanctions pose a serious risk to national security, economic prosperity and international reputation. As part of our response to illicit finance we work with partners around the world to investigate offenders, identify the proceeds of bribery and corruption, and return funds to victims.

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